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Jilong Mountain and the Thirteen Levels


Urbex or urban exploration is the exploration of manmade structures, particularly those found outside the everyday the margins of everyday society. This includes abandoned and disused spaces but also rooftops, underground infrastructure, and many other places not normally open to casual examination. The practice isn't limited to cities despite the use of the word urban; anything artificial is fair game and you'll end up seeing a lot of rural ruins here on my blog. See also: abandoned, exploration, rewilding, protected, inaccessible, and vanished.

Mar 2018

Xiluo Yuandong Theater 西螺遠東戲院

Xiluo 西螺 is a small historic town in rural Yunlin 雲林, Taiwan 台灣. Despite its diminutive size Xiluo was once home to three standalone movie theaters: the eponymous Xiluo Theater…
Mar 2018

Lingxiao Temple 凌霄殿

The ruins of the former Lingxiao Temple 凌霄殿 can be found in the foothills of the Central Mountain Range 中央山脈 in Puli 埔里, Nantou. Likely named after the Chinese trumpet…
Mar 2018
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Kezikeng New Community 柯子坑新社區

Located on the outskirts of Zhushan, Kezikeng New Community 柯子坑新社區 is one of several public housing projects constructed in the aftermath of the 921 Earthquake that devastated central Taiwan 台灣
Feb 2018

Guobin Commercial Building 國賓商業大樓

Guobin Commercial Building 國賓商業大樓 is an ugly ruin in the heart of Zhongli 中壢, a city of around half a million people in Taoyuan, Taiwan 台灣. Built at the dawn…
Dec 2017

Dalin Xinxing Theater 大林新興戲院

What remains of Xinxing Theater 新興戲院 can be found just east of the train station in Dalin, a modest town of approximately 30,000 just north of Chiayi City 嘉義市 in…
Dec 2017

Yicheng Cannery 義成罐頭工廠

The corpses of a thousand factories lay strewn across the plains of central and south Taiwan 台灣, stark reminders of an extraordinary period of economic growth in the latter half…
Dec 2017
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Postcards From Ershui 二水明信片

Ershui 二水 is a rural township located in the southeastern corner of Changhua 彰化, bordering Yunlin 雲林 and Nantou. Ershui Station 二水車站, constructed in 1935, is the primary point of…
Oct 2017

Shezi Theater 社子大戲院

Shezi Theater 社子大戲院 was founded in 1965 as the first open-air theater in Taipei 台北. Located in southwestern Shilin, it was a fairly informal venue from the sounds of it:…
Oct 2017
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Shifen Longxing Theater 十分隆興戲院

Longxing Theater 隆興戲院 was one of the very first abandoned buildings I explored in Taiwan 台灣 after arriving back in 2013. I had only been in Taipei 台北 for about…
Sep 2017
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Yixin Vocational High School 益新工商職業學校

Yixin Vocational High School 益新工商職業學校 is a relatively obscure but not entirely unknown ruin in central Taiwan 台灣. Located along the main road running through Linnei 林內, Yunlin 雲林, it…