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Mormon Missionaries in Taiwan

Proselytizing at an intersection in Fengyuan

Pictured here are two young Mormon missionaries pushing their weird religion on someone stuck at an intersection in Fēngyuán 豐原, Taichung 台中. This is not accidental—missionaries actively target people at long lights, endangering themselves and everyone else on the road in the process. Taiwanese people are generally too polite and conflict-averse to tell these delusional clowns where to go—but I’m not, on the odd occasion they dare to make a play for my immortal soul. Sorry, it’s already taken…

Stung by a Bee

Tea fields of Mingjian

Recently I have experienced a novel physical sensation: bee sting, or something like it. Last week while riding a scooter through the hazy agricultural fields of Mingjian in the western part of Nantou I felt a sudden, sharp pain in my exposed leg. I impulsively reached down to brush something aside—possibly the body of an insect—before glancing down to dislodge a small, black object that might have been a stinger.

Lizard on a Stick

Lizard on a stick

I saw these reptilian delicacies for sale in Vancouver’s Chinatown while visiting way back in 2007. Nobody believes me anytime I mention flayed lizard for sale so here it is—photographic proof! These are likely to be tokay geckos, a species used in traditional Chinese medicine for various indications, “male endurance” among them. They aren’t eaten whole—they are boiled along with various other ingredients to make a soup.