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Send in the clowns, Zhongli style


May 2017

Mingzhi Building 朙志樓

Yesterday while breezing through Taichung 台中 I snapped this photograph of the Mingzhi Building 朙志樓, a rundown residential complex for teachers at the school of the same name. At the…
Feb 2017

Alien Underworld

I haven’t spent much time in Chiayi City 嘉義市 over the years so I somewhat arbitrarily decided to stop there one night in February 2017 while making my way north…
Feb 2017

25 Kilos of Rice

Yesterday I wandered through Malate, a commercial district at the south end of Manila, in search of the ruins of the historic Gaiety Theater. Unfortunately the building was demolished sometime…
Jan 2017
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Donggong Theater 東宮戲院

Donggong Theater 東宮戲院 is located in Dongshi, a Hakka majority township in mountainous central Taichung 台中. Dongshi (or Tungshih in the older Wade–Giles Romanization system) is the gateway to the…
Dec 2016

A Defender of China

On the northern edge of Hsinchu City 新竹市, about halfway between Nanliao Fishing Port 南寮漁港 and the massive Hsinchu Air Base 新竹空軍基地, you’ll find a small restaurant by the name…
Oct 2016

A Derelict Entertainment Complex in Zhongli

Among the many disused and abandoned movie theaters of Zhongli 中壢 is a massive entertainment complex home to twin cinemas: Qinqin Grand Theater 親親大戲院 and Lailai Grand Theater 來來大戲院. Located…
Jul 2016
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Giant Bird Crossing at Taida

It was hot as hell this afternoon so I smartly cut through National Taiwan University 國立臺灣大學 in search of some shade while on my way to one of my favourite…
May 2016
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Whitey’s Up To No Good Again

I was amused to notice this unusually large anti-littering sign in central Taichung 台中 the other day. White men are occasionally portrayed as villains in public service announcements here in…
May 2016

Lost Among The Multitudes

I wonder how many cats are lost every day? Certainly this number cannot be insignificant, for it is something almost every cat owner must address at one point or another.…
Apr 2016
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Clean Your Head

Here’s something you might not have seen before: a professional ear cleaning service in Wanhua District 萬華區! When I shot this photo while riding around a couple of months ago…