Hongshulin Whiteloft 紅樹林白厝

Yesterday I seized an opportunity to combine two of my passions, the exploration of abandoned places and appreciation of underground electronic music, at a one-off techno party titled The Whiteloft 白厝. From the event description:

The Whiteloft was originally an abandoned villa where only wild dogs go to sleep. Buried deep in silver grass, just alongside the Golden Waterfront of Hongshulin, Taipei, the building hovers the Interzone between metropolis and mangrove jungle. Humdrum pedestrians seem oblivious of this colossal fortress: its skeleton rusted and exposed, leftover building materials strewn astray. Despite its shroud of mangrove leaves, the building appears raw and naked. We tried to find historical records about this building, but found nothing but total blankness, hence the name The Whiteloft.

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An Old School Warehouse Party in Tainan

What’s this, an actual warehouse rave in southern Taiwan? You bet your ass it is! RAW put this on in a recently decommissioned warehouse next to the railway line behind Tin Pan Alley. And it wasn’t only the environment that had an old school touch—the DJs were playing classic cuts on vinyl all night long. Truly a rare experience down here in Tainan 台南, Taiwan’s historic capital.

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Detroit Electronic Music Festival 2011

In June of 2011 I made my second pilgrimage to Detroit, the birthplace of techno music, to attend the Detroit Electronic Music Festival (or Movement 2011 as it was officially known) with a bunch of good friends and fellow DJs and music lovers. Despite my long history in the scene I haven’t attended many international festivals on the more mainstream side of electronic music so it was a very new experience for me. What follows is a lightly edited review of what went down in Hart Plaza, salvaged from a Tumblr long gone.

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