To Wound the Autumnal City…

Yesterday I was walking over to the train station in Changhua City 彰化市 when I looked up and saw the moon rising over the ruins of the Qiaoyou Building 喬友大廈, a ruined entertainment complex I have previously written about but not yet explored. Something about the scene instantly reminded me of Samuel R. Delany’s Dhalgren, an enigmatic tome I lifted from the shelves of my high school’s library when I was no more than 16. I suppose if I had to trace the history of my interest in abandoned places back to the source it would invariably lead to—or at least pass through—the ruined city of Bellona.

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Moonrise Over Badouzi

My first mission to Badouzi, a small community on the outskirts of Keelung 基隆, was an incredibly satisfying experience. I went there last summer without having any idea what I might find. I just picked a spot on the map and followed whatever transit instructions came up.

After adventuring all around the cape I wandered back to the main road to catch the bus back to Keelung 基隆. I had already watched the moonrise from the seashore—and here it was again, framed by the concrete apartment blocks that line the hills of the northeastern shore.

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