Taiwan Summer Road Trip 2017: Taichung to Nantou

In the summer of 2017 I embarked upon a series of road trips around central and southern Taiwan. I began in Taichung 台中 and ended up riding as far south as Kaohsiung 高雄 over the course of several months. It was not one continuous journey; I would head south, ride for several days, stash the scooter at a train station, and return to my residence in Taipei 台北 before doing it all over again. There wasn’t a lot of planning involved, nor were these trips entirely random. Usually I had some idea of what to see and where to go, but there were also many serendipitous discoveries along the way. Ultimately I gathered material for more than 50 posts, many of which have already been published. This introductory post gathers an assortment of photos from the first segment of the trip from Taichung to Nántóu 南投, with particular emphasis on the districts of Tàipíng 太平, Pǔlǐ 埔里, and Shuǐlǐ 水里.

On The Edge of Agongdian Reservoir 阿公店水庫

Agongdian Reservoir 阿公店水庫 (occasionally romanized in the old Wade–Giles style as Akungtien; literally “Grandpa’s Shop”) is located amid the low hills of central Kaohsiung 高雄 in southern Taiwan. Construction began in the Japanese colonial era but was not completed until 1953, largely because of the high amount of silt in the waterways flowing into it. Even now considerable effort must be undertaken to dredge the reservoir every season.

Capilano Canyon

Seeking to break up the monotony of the work week I took advantage of a supposedly rare dry spell during the Vancouver wet season to voyage down the Capilano River trails from Cleveland Dam. Access to the park is effortless; a city bus crossing the Lion’s Gate bridge delivered me to the park in less than an hour. The lake you see in the photos below is the source of nearly half of the drinking water in the Vancouver region. Presented below are some of the photos I shot on this brief jaunt to the North Shore.