A broken clock is right twice a day


Artifacts are things I find, often in abandoned places while undertaking some kind of exploration or another, but not always. Any sort of photography or writing focused onspecific objects may end up here.

Apr 2017

Life Is a Gas

Mar 2017

Transformed by Time

Feb 2017

Departure Time

Nov 2016

Dinh Dong Thanh 亭東城

Nov 2016

Sad Elephant

Sep 2016

Lantern Trio

Aug 2016

Taichung Shark Cemetery 台中鯊魚墳場

Apr 2016

Daily Needs in the Next World

Apr 2016

Qing Dynasty Arcade

Apr 2016

A Vintage Lilac Mailbox

Mar 2016

Army of Guanyin

Mar 2016

Trapping Light

Mar 2016

Half Dollar For Your Thoughts?

Feb 2016

What Camera Gear I Use: 2016 Edition

Feb 2016

A Spooky Statue in Yonghe

Jan 2016

Taiwanese Plumbing From Hell

Dec 2015

Magic Machines in the Taipei Underground

Nov 2015

Soon to Be a Distant Memory