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A broken clock is right twice a day


Apr 2017

Life Is A Gas

Mar 2017

Transformed By Time

Feb 2017

Departure Time

Nov 2016

Dinh Dong Thanh 亭東城

Nov 2016

Sad Elephant

Sep 2016

A Lantern Trio in Hsinchu County

Aug 2016

Taichung Shark Cemetery 台中鯊魚墳場

Apr 2016

Daily Needs in the Next World

Apr 2016

Qing Dynasty Arcade

Apr 2016

A Vintage Lilac Mailbox

Mar 2016

Army of Guanyin

Mar 2016

Trapping Light

Mar 2016

Half Dollar For Your Thoughts?

Feb 2016

What Camera Gear I Use: 2016 Edition

Feb 2016

A Spooky Statue in Yonghe

Jan 2016
1 1

Taiwanese Plumbing From Hell

Dec 2015
2 2

Magic Machines in the Taipei Underground

Nov 2015

Soon to Be a Distant Memory