Lukang Mazu Temple 鹿港天后宮

Inside Mazu Temple, Lukang.

I visited the famous Mazu Temple 鹿港天后宮 in Lukang 鹿港, Changhua 彰化, one peaceful night of my bicycle ride around Taiwan. Mazu 媽祖 (also known as Tian Hou 天后) is the most important goddess in Taiwan—and this is one of her most important places of worship.

The gateway to Mazu Temple. Notice the convenience store next to the temple on the left…
Incense and paper money counter.
Another incense counter with local artistry hanging overhead.
Central courtyard in Mazu Temple, Lukang.
Modern essentials in the ancient temple.
Boxes of paper money at Mazu Temple.
Leave the lights on for me.
Vending machines in Mazu Temple, Lukang.
Deep inside Mazu Temple.
Deep inside Mazu Temple.
Choose your own deity.
A shrine in Mazu Temple.
Vending machines in Mazu Temple.
An old door in Mazu Temple, Lukang.
Paper slips in Mazu Temple, Lukang.
Incense and paper money counter in Mazu Temple, Lukang.

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