Love or Punishment

Love or punishment
“Love or punishment: your choice?” How about a bit of both…

I was amused to notice this public service announcement posted in the front window of what I would assume is a community police station in Bǎnqiáo 板桥. I wonder what compelled them to write out “love or punishment” in English? The target audience is obviously local. Below the main banner the text reads: jīnqián & shíjiān 金錢 & 時間 (time and money), dōu yīnggāi liú gěi piàoliang nǚyǒu 都應該留給漂亮女友 (all should be left to the beautiful girlfriend). In case it isn’t obvious by now, this is an admonition to not engage in the services of prostitutes, which is technically illegal in Taiwan (but seldom enforced).