Lost in the Dragon

Dragon ceiling at Taoyuan Guandi Temple 桃園關帝廟
Lost in the ceiling of a temple in Taoyuan.

Pictured here is the opulent ceiling above the main altar to Guān Yǔ 關羽, commonly known as Guān Gōng 關公 (Lord Guan), inside the Guāndì Temple 關帝廟 in Táoyuán City 桃園市. Despite the impressive artwork the temple itself is quite modest in size and breadth, a legacy of its original use as an ancestral shrine for the Xú 徐 clan from Nánjìng 南靖 in Fujian, China, built in 1841. This recessed ceiling is not nearly as old, however—it almost certainly dates back to the most recent renovation in 1996. For more information about this temple try this blog or Facebook page.