Little Fluffy Clouds Over Taipei

Beautiful skies over Taipei
Scalloped clouds over Shuiyuan Market in Gongguan.

Little fluffy clouds swept into Taipei 台北 and everyone seems to have lost their minds. I captured my own version next to the iconic Shuǐyuán Market 水源市場 near Gongguan Station 公館站 in the southeastern tip of Zhōngzhèng District 中正區 and was amused to see dozens of people doing the same once it finished uploading to Instagram. I know it unnerves or annoys some people to be a part of a trend but in Taiwan I really don’t mind. It’s kind of charming how even the smallest, most trivial things can unite an entire city, if only for a moment.

I like to do a bit of digging when I post my photos so I may as well draw attention to Israeli experimental artist Yaacov Agam‘s The Heart Of The Fountainhead, the distinctive work of art pictured here on the outside of the renovated market building. The Taipei Times has an unusually thorough feature about the unveiling if you’re interesting in reading more about the project.