Into the Misty Mountains of Lugu

The misty mountains of Lugu
Into the misty mountains of central Nantou County.

Today I went out for a brief motorbike excursion along highway 151 in Lùgǔ 鹿谷, a mountain township on the south side of the Zhoushui River 濁水溪 in Nántóu 南投, the geographic center of Taiwan. It was bright and sunny down by the wide gravelly river but cool and misty up in the bamboo and red cedar forest. I should have packed an umbrella for the mist eventually turned to rain—but for I didn’t mind getting a little wet, the scenery was worth it. Coming down out of the clouds was particularly unreal with visibility of only a few meters and 15 kilometers of winding mountain switchbacks to navigate before returning to civilization. That’s one of the beautiful things about Taiwan: as long as you have the mountains nearby it isn’t long before you can truly lose yourself in nature.