Giant Bird Crossing at Taida

An amusing sign on campus at National Taiwan University in Taipei.

It was hot as hell this afternoon so I smartly cut through National Taiwan University 國立臺灣大學 in search of some shade while on my way to one of my favourite working cafes in Taipei 台北. NTU, better known as Táidà 台大, has a beautiful main campus in the heart of Dà'ān District 大安區 that offers some respite from the busy city streets that surround it. While riding along one of many tree-lined laneways I noticed this absurd sign by the roadside. The text reads dòngwù chuānyuè 動物穿越 (“animal crossing”), jiǎnsù mànxíng 減速慢行 (“slow down”), with nary a word about giant birds, much to my disappointment. I’m not sure if this is a student project or something official but either way—it’s awesome! I wonder now, is this meant to depict the herons commonly seen in parkland around the city?

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  1. I do think it’s official. There had been several cases where Malayan night herons in NTU were wounded because of incoming traffic (at least once by car, and several times by bicycle).
    I have also heard that only the Taiwanese Malayan night heron population adapted urban spaces, and this does not seem to happen somewhere else in the world, the researchers are eager to find out why (I don’t have a source to confirm if this is true or not though).

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