Ghostly Vesicle

Impressions of the past in Nantou City
Impressions of the past in Nantou City.

The dense urban landscapes of Taiwan are punctuated by ghostly vesicles, jagged outlines of demolished buildings on properties that haven’t been redeveloped. This process leaves a curious residue on the interface between cells of the city: distinct traces of flooring and rooftops, wallpaper and tiling, zigzagging stairways and more. Occasionally one will even see shelving and other furnishings still attached to walls three or four storeys up, an absurd phenomenon reminiscent of the “inconvenience stores” of The Far Side.

I found this particular example of Taiwanese ghost buildings along Dàtóng Street 大同街 in Nántóu City 南投市 back in 2013. With the magic of Google Street View I can see this lot has been vacant since at least 2011. I wonder what, if anything, will take its place?