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An ornate doorway inside Huangxi Academy 磺溪書院

Qing Dynasty Era 清治時期

Much of Taiwan 台灣 was ruled by the Qing Dynasty 清治時期 from 1683 until 1895 when Japan acquired Taiwan and Penghu in the aftermath of the First Sino-Japanese War. At this point the Japanese colonial era begins.

Oct 2016

Zhulin Chen Old House 竹林陳家古厝

Oct 2016
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Postcards From Changhua City 2 彰化市明信片二號

Aug 2016
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Huangxi Academy 磺溪書院

Aug 2016

Through the Round Portal

Jun 2016

Daodong Academy 道東書院

Apr 2016
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Yifang Old House 義芳居古厝

Apr 2016

Tainan Fahua Monastery 台南法華寺

Feb 2016

Eight Days of Destruction

Dec 2015

Taipei’s Xiaonanmen 臺北府城小南門

May 2015

The Old Walled City of Zuoying 鳳山縣舊城

Apr 2015

The Great Southern Gate of Tainan 臺灣府城大南門

Apr 2015

Tainan’s Jingpo Gate 台南靖波門

Mar 2015

Xunfang Fortress 巽方砲台

Dec 2014

Shetou Liu Family House 社頭劉氏古厝

Jun 2014
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Swamp House

Apr 2014

Tainan’s Duiyuemen 臺南兌悅門