Jukuiju facade, oblique view

Minyang Fusion Architecture 閩洋折衷式樣建築

Minyang Fusion Architecture 閩洋折衷建築建築 is a form of early 20th century vernacular architecture distinguished by an eclectic blend of traditional Fujian and modern Western styles. Drawing influence from the decorative motifs of Baroque Revival, Art Deco, and Modern architecture, the Minyang Fusion style is most commonly seen on shophouses, mansions, and courtyard homes (sanheyuan). Think of it as the common counterpart to the more formal and institutional western architectural style seen on government and commercial buildings, particularly during the Japanese colonial era.

Jan 2017

Quan’an Hall 全安堂

Oct 2016

Jishan Gatehouse 積善樓

Jan 2016

Fugang Old Street 富岡老街

Sep 2015

Qingyu Hall 慶餘堂

Mar 2015

Hemei Yao Family Old Home 和美姚家老屋

Feb 2015

Jukuiju Mansion 聚奎居