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In the heart of Jiahe New Village 嘉禾新村

Military Villages 眷村

Oct 2017

Hsinchu Xinyi New Village 新竹信義新村

Jul 2016
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Fushui Village 富水里

Jun 2016

South Taiwan Ride 2015: Pingtung City

Jun 2016

South Taiwan Ride 2015: Tainan to Pingtung City

Jun 2016
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Jiahe New Village 嘉禾新村

Apr 2016

Jiangling New Village 江陵新村

Apr 2016

A Window Inside Shenji New Village 審計新村

Oct 2015

Symbol of Fortune

Sep 2015

Treasure Hill by Day

May 2015

The Old Walled City of Zuoying 鳳山縣舊城

Jan 2015

A Glimpse Inside the Rainbow Village

Oct 2014

The Giant Fortune Cookies of Treasure Hill