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The former residence of Huang Sanyuan in Puxin Township

Hidden Cultural Assets 隱藏文化資產

This term is exclusively reserved for those sites that I believe have unusual historic or cultural value yet haven't been officially recognized by the government. Oftentimes these assets remain privately owned or in legal limbo. For official sights browse on over to Taiwan cultural assets.

Sep 2017

Dongping Tobacco Barn 東平菸樓

Aug 2017

Beigang Theater 北港劇場

May 2017

Ershui Assembly Hall 二水公會堂

Mar 2017

South Yuanlin Station 南員林站

Feb 2017

Fenyuan Town Hall 芬園庄役場

Jan 2017

Xizhou Chenggong Hostel 溪州成功旅社

Oct 2016

Yingong Theater 銀宮戲院

Jun 2016

Qingkunshen Fan-Shaped Saltern 青鯤鯓扇形鹽田

Apr 2016

Reflections of a Radial Sky

Feb 2016

The Grand Hotel 圓山大飯店

Nov 2015

Outside Tianwaitian Theater 天外天劇場

May 2015

Keelung Ghost House 基隆鬼屋

Mar 2015

Yangliufeng Mansion 楊柳風燒酒全故宅

Feb 2015

Xinhua Old Street 新化老街

Jan 2015

Huang Sanyuan Residence 黃三元故居

Jun 2014

Minxiong Ghost House 民雄鬼屋

May 2014

Yinhedong 銀河洞