From the Far Side of Yeongdo Bridge

The far side of Yeongdo Bridge
Looking back at Nampo-dong and the Korean Peninsula.

Pictured here is the historic Yeongdo Bridge (Yeongdodaegyo 영도대교 in Korean), originally built during Japanese colonial rule in 1934 as a single-leaf drawbridge to allow large vessels to pass. It was the first bridge connecting the island of Yeongdo with Busan and the rest of the Korean Peninsula. By the 1970s it no longer operated as a drawbridge but was restored to its former glory in 2013.

I happen to be visiting Busan for a few days and went walking around Yeongdo-gu to look for traces of Japanese colonial history in the area. It was hot as hell out there today so I didn’t start my walk until late in the afternoon—not an ideal time for taking photos from this vantage point, but I’ll work with what nature provides. To further explain some of what can be seen in this frame: to the left is Nampo-dong, originally a Japanese concession predating the colonial era, as well as Yongdusan Park with the modest Busan Tower in the background.