Exiled on Koh Phangan

A wake, still dreaming.

With this set of photos I attempt to capture the feeling of exile I experienced while renting a bungalow outside of Thong Sala for a month. Koh Phangan is a party island but I spent much of my time in solitude not talking with anyone at all. It was a time to rest, to reflect, and to create.

Return to Chumphon pier.
A strangely eerie Thong Sala shoreline.
Radio Thong Sala.
Ao Chaloklum power.
Overlooking Haad Yao.
Squid grid on Ao Chaloklum.
Russian kids playing on a Koh Phangan wreck.
Another mudflat sundown.
Low tide after sunset.
It was nothing more than a dream.
Koh Phangan sundown.

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