Elemental Exposure in Datong

A process of erosion
Nothing remains to indicate what this shop once sold.

Prior to moving down to Tainan 台南 I made a point of wandering around some of the older parts of Taipei 台北, especially those that I hadn’t seen much of. One such part is Dàtóng District 大同區, home to historic Dihua Street, one of the oldest in Taipei 台北. While en route I noticed a glass-walled storefront without a rooftop. I opened the door a crack and stepped into what must have once been a restaurant. Rainwater fell from the sky, pooling on the tile floor. What was once an interior space was now open and exposed to the elements. The process of erosion was well underway, stripping paint from the walls, but it will take ages for natural forces to finish with this old shop. Until then it will remain vacant and forgotten, another abscess in the urban sprawl.