Eight Days of Destruction

Dismantling an on-ramp next to Taipei’s North Gate
Dismantling the elevated road next to Taipei’s North Gate.

One of the more peculiar events taking place this Lunar New Year is the destruction of an ugly extension of the Zhōngxiào Bridge 忠孝橋 leading east into Zhōngzhèng District 中正區. Built in 1982, this elevated road curves around mere meters from Běimén 北門 (officially: Taipei Fǔchéng Běimén 台北府城北門), the most authentic of the city’s remaining gates1 and the centerpiece of a huge urban renewal project.

Eight days of destruction
A frenzy of activity surrounds Beimen over Lunar New Year 2016.

The mayor has allotted eight days for the destruction of this eyesore—and judging by the frenzy of activity I witnessed while riding by one afternoon they are well under way. I wasn’t the only one stopping to take photos either; there were dozens of people scattered all along the construction zone snapping photos of the project.

Much more could be said about this gate, of course, but I just wanted to share some photos of what little I saw of this moment in time.

  1. Most of the others were either destroyed by the Japanese or modified by the KMT to look more northern Chinese as part of a nationwide program of sinicization