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Double Dragons in Rural Changhua

I keep an eye out for anything strange and unusual when riding around the otherwise monotonous Changhua 彰化 countryside. I look for signs of history, for abandoned buildings, and for anything that might qualify as a roadside attraction—like these goofy dragons in Lóngténg Park 龍騰公園, Xiùshuǐ 秀水. What’s weird is that there’s almost nothing around apart from a tiny village on the other side of the river. Who puts a park in the middle of a bunch of rice fields and rural factories? Answer: Taiwanese politicians do.

I looked up the name of the place and found almost nothing apart from a video from the opening ceremony (just last year) and a newspaper article (in Chinese, of course) calling the dragons “ugly”. Ghastly things, aren’t they? But I kind of like it that way. Keep Taiwan 台灣 weird!

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