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Dashun General Hospital 大順綜合醫院

Dàshùn General Hospital 大順綜合醫院 is a hulking ruin on the outskirts of Cháozhōu 潮州 in Taiwan 台灣. Abandoned almost a decade ago, it was not in business for very long before it closed due to corruption and mismanagement. There appears to be an ugly coda as well, for it was later the subject of an investment scam (see also: PTT).

Acting on a tip by a fellow expat living in Kaohsiung 高雄 I went to scope it out while riding around southern Taiwan in June 2015. There were dogs chained up out front so I rode around back, crossed a drainage channel, and looked for a way in, but the place was locked up tight, presumably so it can be auctioned off some day. For now it remains a mystery—but perhaps I’ll have another opportunity to check it out. Typhoons have a knack for opening up buildings in Taiwan 台灣.