Caught in a Loop

Riding through the rice fields of Changhua County on an atypical day. A layer of smog hangs over the low hills on the horizon.

Every day is the same. Nothing changes. I wake up late, grab a quick breakfast someplace where I can bust out my laptop and answer a few emails. I cycle to one of several cafes in the city and hunker down for the first work sprint of the day. I blog a bit or process some photos to break the monotony. I break for a late lunch and then return home. More work. I stumble down the pitch black stairway for an unhealthy late night snack and read articles on my phone. Back at home I continue working. I’m up until just before dawn, barely having enjoyed anything resembling leisure time. I typically have no meaningful real-world interactions with anyone. I hardly even speak. A few words in broken Chinese where required, thank you a dozen times over. Eyes averted, head in the clouds, an information ecology, waveform dreams. It doesn’t sound like much of a life but the work needs to be done—and it won’t last forever.