Carve The Sky

Carve the sky
The jagged remains of a rooftop structure on the edge of downtown Keelung.

This particular photograph was captured on top of the building that runs lengthwise along the railway tracks at the western edge of the downtown core. It is a multi-level structure crammed with shuttered storefronts, dusty shrines, and even an aging temple. The second level connects to an iconic pedestrian bridge I wrote about previously. Nothing much remains on the rooftop apart from this jagged structure surrounding a spiral staircase.t is admittedly not the most remarkable of scenes—but there’s something about the juxtaposition of the standard issue clock and the temple entrance in the mirror that speaks to me on some level. Small details like these catch my eye here in Keelung—which is one reason I enjoy exploring this darkest of Taiwanese cities as much as I do.