Asia Museum of Modern Art 亞洲現代美術館

Outside the Asia Museum of Modern Art in Wufeng, Taichung.

The Asia Museum of Modern Art 亞洲現代美術館 (official site in Chinese) is a strange thing to find amid the rural-industrial sprawl of southern Taichung 台中. Located in historic [/region]Wufeng[/region], it is part of the much larger Asia University 亞洲大學 campus, itself riddled with European-inspired architectural curiosities like a gymnasium designed to look like the Colosseum. The art gallery, straying from the kitsch theme of the rest of the university, is an original design by renowned Japanese architect Tadao Ando. It took nearly seven years to build and opened in 2013.

Triangles dominate the interior of the gallery space.

Much to my amusement this gallery was designed around a theme of triangularity. I often joke that hipsters love triangles but it’s true—and it isn’t at all uncommon for this gallery to be used in fashion photo shoots and the like. While I wasn’t at all impressed by the exhibits I saw on my first visit there are ample opportunities for interesting photographs within the concrete labyrinth of the interior.

Triangles rule.

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