Ascending Into the Stacks

Ascending to the third floor at Robarts Library
Riding an escalator to a higher level at Robarts Library, University of Toronto.

Now and then I like to go through some of my old photographs and give them new treatments in Adobe Lightroom. I have learned so much from all these years of working with the software—and I follow a very different approach nowadays: warmer and more nuanced, less outlandish and cold. It is an interesting experience to retouch my old work with the benefit of experience and new eyes.

I shot this particular photograph while riding the escalator up to the third floor at Robarts Library not long after starting my undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto in 2007. I wasn’t doing much in the way of “art” photography at the time (if you can even call it that); mostly I was simply shooting social events and music festivals. Slowly, through the encouragement of friends and a dawning interest in capturing something of my way of seeing the world, I began to get more serious about my approach to photography.