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An Unfinished Bridge in Pingxi

A bridge under construction in Pingxi in early 2013.

This image was a big hit on Reddit and landed in a popular Atlas Obscura collection of bridges to nowhere. To provide a little background, this is not an abandoned or forgotten bridge—it was still under construction when I wandered through Píngxī 平溪, Taiwan 台灣, in early 2013. This bridge is part of the newly opened Jīfú Road 基福公路 segment of Highway 2丙, which connects Keelung with Fulong in Gòngliáo 貢寮 (hence the name of the rode; it is a common practice to name rural roads for their starting and ending points in Taiwan). Apparently this road was 20 years in the making, if this exhaustive report (in Chinese, with lots of photos) is trustworthy. At present, Google Street View still shows the bridge under construction in 2012.

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