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An Eclectic House in Taipei

The urban landscape of Taipei 台北, like most Taiwanese cities, is dominated by concrete, metal, glass, tile, and asphalt, but there are occasional exceptions that add some much-needed colour. Take this funky old house fronting onto Gǔzhuāng Park 古莊公園 in Dà'ān District 大安區, for instance. So what’s the story? An eccentric old man (kindly referred to as bóbo 伯伯, or uncle) lives here, decorating his home with all sorts of kitschy junk: musical instruments, wood-carvings, poems, paintings, statues, spinners, and various other ornamental gewgaws, knickknacks, baubles, and charms. He’s quite friendly and apparently invites people into his home to look around, if this story is to be believed. Were I more proficient in one of the local languages I’d take the time to hang out and see what happens. Maybe some day!