An Abandoned Slaughterhouse in Kowloon

Behind the Cattle Depot Artist Village in Kowloon
Immediately before I was captured.

Urban exploration in Hong Kong 香港 usually involves getting out to the New Territories 新界 and one of the outlying islands. There isn’t much to see on the big city streets, not with property values being what they are. Hong Kong also seems to have a culture of safety and orderliness that ensures abandonments, particularly urban ones, are secured from idle curiosity. It is quite a treat whenever I stumble upon something I didn’t plan on finding.

Earlier today I sauntered over to the Cattle Depot Artist Village 牛棚藝術村 in Ma Tau Kok after exploring a rundown area known as the 13 Streets 十三街. The artist village is housed in a series of renovated buildings that were once a slaughterhouse. Around back I noticed that the complex continued beyond a fence—and the gate was open! I didn’t stop to think before passing through and shooting a few photographs. I haven’t seen many buildings left to the elements here in Hong Kong so it was a rare surprise!

And then a couple of officials waltzed over and kindly kicked me out: “This is an abandoned building. You can’t be in here.” Acting casual: “Oh, sorry, I was just taking photos. I like abandoned buildings.” Friendly but firm: “This place is dangerous, please leave now.” Well, I wasn’t about to argue, and they didn’t ask me to delete my photos, so here’s one for the record books.