An Abandoned Greenhouse on Victoria Peak

The abandoned greenhouse at Bishop’s Lodge, Hong Kong
The greenhouse at Bishop’s Lodge, an abandoned mansion near the top of Victoria Peak, Hong Kong.

Prior to visiting Hong Kong 香港 for the second time I did some research into abandoned places but came up short of targets. Most of the best stuff seemed to be in the New Territories or on outlying islands; property values in Kowloon 九龍 and Central are too high for anything to remain disused for long.

It was with some luck that I discovered Bishop’s Lodge, an abandoned mansion on the north-facing slope of Victoria Peak, when I went for a hike. Away from the garish mega-malls and tourist traps that populate the high plateau just below the summit I entered a world out of time.

Here, inside the greenhouse, nothing grows. The soil is barren and the space is neat and tidy. Outside nature goes about her business, wild and untamed. No searching tendrils slip across the threshold; this place is not fit for macroscopic life without human stewardship.