Along The Coast of Krabi

Primordial voyage.

After the seething chaos of Bangkok I travelled south to spend a few days relaxing in Ao Nang, a small town in the province of Krabi, Thailand. I had expected to find tranquil paradise by the beach based on what I read online, particularly down around Railay, which is only accessible by longboat, but everywhere I went was massively crowded and overdeveloped. Still, I managed to take some good photos of the natural beauty of Krabi, as well as a handful of cool temples and shrines, pictured below.

Along the coast of Railay.
Beneath the karst, a cave with heart.
Phra Nang fertility shrine.
First view of Ao Nang.
Basking in the afterglow.
Ripples in time.
Emerald channel.
Krabi truckstop vista.
Giant steps are what we take.
Mountaintop Buddha.
A land before time.

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Thailand 2012

A series of posts chronicling my misadventures in Thailand in early 2012. Very incomplete, and probably never to be finished.

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  4. Visions of Bangkok 1
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  6. Visions of Bangkok 3
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