Abode of Law

Former Tainan High Court Staff Quarters
An abandoned apartment block in East District, Tainan.

Pictured here is a notorious ruin at the eastern terminus of Qīngnián Road 青年路 in Tainan 台南. It was formerly used as staff quarters for the Tainan branch of the Taiwan High Court but the property has been idle since at least 2010. Its prime location, obvious state of abandonment, and ease of entry has made it popular with graffiti artists, curious university students, and other thrill-seekers, but I never got around to scoping out the interior despite living down the street for a few months. In any case, I appreciate the institutional inelegance of the brutal concrete architecture on display here. If you’d like to know more try this news story, this article, or search for Tainan High Court Staff Quarters 台南高等法院員工宿舍.