A Sun-Kissed Ruin in Central Changhua

An abandoned home in Puxin
An abandoned home in Puxin.

Today I went out for an exploratory ride through central Changhua 彰化. I was hoping to get as far as Xīhú 溪湖 to check out the sugar factory but took too long getting there as I was distracted by various sights in Puxin 埔心 of all places. It’s just as well, for I later found out the sugar factory is only open to the public on weekends.

At any rate, I stopped to explore a couple of abandonments on the way, this being one of them. Nestled in a small copse, the ruins of this brick and mortar home were notable only for the fact that there were otherwise no signs of human habitation. No artifacts remained, nothing to indicate that people had ever lived in this place. Most abandoned homes in Taiwan are cluttered with the personal affects of the former habitants. Not here—only the growing forest has left an imprint.