A Spring Storm Moving Into Taichung

A storm sweeps across Taichung. The rain line is clearly visible.

I was on my way out for lunch yesterday in Taichung 台中 when I stopped to check the radar as I usually do. It’s a good thing I did, for there was a huge spring storm moving up from Changhua 彰化. With rooftop access to a residential high-rise on the north side of the city I had some fun taking these pictures of the oncoming storm.

Looking west across Taichung. The storm is moving in from the south, on the left.
Looking east, again with the storm moving in from the south. Here you can plainly see part of the rapid transit line under construction.
Rain falling on central Taichung.
The rainfront advances, and it is soon time to take cover.
Last shot of Taichung in a spring storm from the 22nd floor.