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A Former Sogo Department Store in Zhongli

Sogo1 is one of the more recognizable department store chains in northern Taiwan 台灣. There are less than ten locations nationwide—and one of them is right here in Zhōnglì 中壢, where it acts as an anchor for modern high-rises and other new developments at the north end of town. It hasn’t always been in this part of town, however.

Move deeper into the city and you’ll find a massive building with an empty facade, traces of the old Sogo signboard still visible. The old Sogo was located in a much seedier part of town—in fact, it’s pretty much right in the middle of one of Zhongli’s main red light districts. Cross the street and you will find a strip of shady KTVs and massage parlours—as well as a historic abandoned movie theater, the subject of a future post.

  1. Sogo is a Japanese brand but it is operated here in Taiwan under the aegis of Pacific Sogo


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