A Foreign Stereotype in the Wild

“Captain Taiwan” whizzing into a river. The back of his shirt reads “A face mask is the only protection I use”.

One thing I really like about Taiwan 台灣 is how untouched it is by frat boy tourism compared to some other nations in the region. Almost nobody comes here to get wasted and party hard—which means there’s no industry catering to such interests. In Thailand it is almost impossible to escape the rampaging hordes of douchey foreigners sauntering around the streets with beer cans or buckets in hand—or the scammers that attempt to prey on them—but it is extraordinarily rare to encounter this breed of westerner here in Taiwan.

And so it was with mild astonishment and growing amusement that I noticed a certain “Captain Taiwan” in the wild at Organik 2014 on the shores of Hualien 花蓮. There he was, resplendent in his homemade finery emblazoned with a cringe-worthy slogan, whizzing into a creek. Too weird to live, too rare to die.

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