A Factory in Tucheng Industrial Park

Tucheng industrial style
A pharmaceutical factory in Tucheng Industrial Park.

This factory caught my eye while I was cycling through Tucheng Industrial Park 土城工業區 while en route from Taipei 台北 to my new place in Zhōnglì 中壢 the other day. It wasn’t a pleasant place for a bike ride but I’m not about to shy away from the uglier side of Taiwan, particularly not since the country is built on industry. I’m interested in the whole picture—the ornate temples and breathtaking mountains as well as the colossal ruins and industrial wastelands.

Of course, now that I’m at a computer I am also curious to find out what this factory makes. The name is Huádá Pharmaceutical 華達製藥 (read right-to-left in the more traditional style), short for the more formal Huada Chemical Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 華達化學製藥廠股份有限公司, and from poking around online it would appear that they manufacture drugs and feed additives for animals. The more you know!