A Bamboo Tank in Rural Tainan

A bamboo tank in Xinguang Village
A bamboo tank in Xinguang Village, Guanmiao, Tainan.

Taiwan is riddled with roadside attractions and folk art projects like this bamboo tank in Xīnguāng Painted Village 新光彩繪村, Tainan 台南. Located in the rolling hills of Guānmiào 關廟 not far from the badlands of southern Taiwan, this small community of several hundred residents was fading into history until local artists decided to paint folksy murals all over town to attract tourism and revitalize the area around Běiliáo Old Street 北寮老街 (which didn’t seem all that old or noteworthy). The story in some ways parallels that of the Rainbow Village of Taichung 台中 but Xinguang looks more rustic and less fantastical.

At any rate, this bamboo contrivance parked next to the public hall in the middle of the village is what really caught my eye. It is a bit hard to tell in this photograph but the tank is emblazoned with the national emblem of the Republic of China and the symbol of the Kuomintang. Is there some deeper meaning to be derived here? I leave that as an exercise to the reader.

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