3,333 Kilometers From Home

After several weeks of thoughtful consideration I have moved to Vancouver, British Columbia. I timed it so that I would be able to attend family functions for Thanksgiving prior to my departure. I then boarded a plane and hurled myself through the sky to the opposite side of this vast country of ours. I have relocated myself to the west coast for several reasons, some of which I will share:

  • My search for the right technical co-founder drew me here. I am presently engaged in discussions with someone who seems eminently suitable for the role.
  • I am keen to explore Vancouver’s burgeoning startup scene after having a taste of what Toronto has to offer. I don’t yet know how it will be different—I only know that it will be different.
  • Vancouver’s milder climate. Sure, it rains incessantly, but at least winter won’t be as fierce as it is in Toronto. People keep telling me that the monotony of grey skies wears at the spirit but I am hoping to channel that malaise into stay-at-home productivity. In addition, cycling year-round without having to hazard black ice and snow banks sounds great to me.
  • The closer connection with nature. I never manage to get out to the beautiful parts of Ontario while living in Toronto—mostly because I do not drive. Here in Vancouver all I need to do is hop on a city bus and I’ll soon find myself in the middle of the rain forest, on a beautiful beach, or hiking up a mountain.
  • I have spent so much of my life in Toronto that it has begun to feel stagnant and creatively inhibiting. Vancouver remains largely unfamiliar to me despite having visited here many times since 2003. I look forward to exploring the city, making new friends, trying new restaurants, and enjoying new experiences here on the Pacific frontier.
  • I was between apartments in Toronto anyhow. Either I had to find a place to settle in Toronto or go elsewhere. I chose elsewhere—within Canada. This way I needn’t concern myself with work permits or expiring visas.
  • Moving far from home is a golden opportunity to reset personal habits. I intend to get fit and be way more active than I was in Toronto. I also plan to blog more, as everyone should.
  • I may as well take advantage of the freedoms afforded by my minimalist lifestyle. As a minimalist I own very little in the way of material goods. This makes a cross-country move almost effortless. It took me maybe 3 or 4 languid hours to pack and prepare. I spent approximately $150 in excess baggage fees to bring my bicycle and two extra pieces of luggage. I have another bin that I will ship by coach when I secure more permanent accommodation but that’ll be the end of it. I am here, 3,333 km away, with almost everything I own, and I barely broke a sweat!

So here I am in beautiful British Columbia with much to do. I had better get started!

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