Vicino Cafe 右舍咖啡

Vicino coffee 右舍咖啡 at night.

Vicino Cafe, more commonly known as 右舍咖啡 (loosely translated as “Right House Coffee”), is a fantastic cafe in central , a mid-sized city in central . It occupies a historic building that has undergone extensive renovations, leaving the space bright and airy with huge floor-to-ceiling windows, exposed brick walls, and simple wooden furniture. Such an environment is eminently conducive to creative work so I find myself coming back time and again. Outlets are available on the ground floor but the second level is more of a reading and study space. The coffee is actually rather good, as are the snacks, particularly the matcha and lemon cheesecakes.

The Right House in miniature. Made by a customer and fan, I’m told.

Curiously, the cafe prides itself on being Yuanlin’s first take-out cafe despite being the most beautiful workspace in the city. There is a 10 5 NT surcharge should you choose to stay, which you probably will.

A sign on the outside of the Right House.

Overall, the “Right House” (really a much nicer name) is a completely surprising find, and a cafe worth visiting if you happen to find yourself in the area.


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