Through The Round Portal

An unusual round gate inside a restored Qing dynasty academy in rural Taichung.

I captured this image while visiting Huángxī Academy 磺溪書院, a school and temple in , a rural district in southwestern on the border with . Built in 1887, it was looted after the war and almost destroyed by a flood before being restored in the 1980s, a story I detail in my full post about this academy. Pictured here is an unusual round gate (huánmén 環門) connecting the two entrance halls (méntīng 門廳) to the inner courtyard (yuànchéng 院埕). From what I’ve read there aren’t many gates like this in , particularly not made out of brick, but I really wouldn’t know. Mostly I appreciate the symmetry of the shot, the apparent antiquity, the promise of something intriguing just around the corner.


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