Album Art: Techgnosis Vol. 1


My friend Ben approached me with the idea of compiling a release for my techno-oriented netlabel, Drumlore, so of course I said “yes”! We threw a few concepts around before settling on Techgnosis, an obvious tribute to the work of Erik Davis, but also a fitting name for Ben’s particular brand of deep, mystic techno.

Inspired by my adventures in digitally restoring found negatives I set out to imitate the look and feel of physical film, introducing noise and warping and blurring various components of the design to give it more of a human touch. Initially I was working with muted sepia tones but switched to greyscale about halfway through and never looked back.

I think it should be obvious why I might use film as a visual metaphor for gnosis. The “knowledge” contained within the image is already present in the negative—but a technological transformation is required to expose the film and bring the image to life.

Both frames are a combination of two original photos, one each from an abandoned hospital in and an abandoned woodworking plant in . Here is an inverted copy showing more of the original detail in each frame:

And here are the two frames cut to size with text removed:

Finally, just for fun, here’s some lo-fi experiments with the original source material:

Interested in hearing the music? You can download it direct from Drumlore.