Synaptic Lightroom Presets 1.0


Synaptic Lightroom Presets 1.0 is out now! Browse over to this GitHub repository to read the documentation and download the presets. Since a lot has changed since the last update anyone upgrading from a previous version should save any modifications they’ve made, remove all existing folders, and install a fresh copy.

A huge amount of effort has gone into this update. The folder structure has been re-organized, old presets have been phased out, and many new presets have been introduced. A few classics presets have undergone a tune-up, usually to tone things down a bit. My style these days is much more subtle than when I began experimenting with Lightroom a few years ago—and this new set of presets reflects that.

I encourage everyone to read the documentation carefully. I have done my best to explain my workflow and approach. This collection encompasses all of the presets I personally use with Adobe Lightroom. It is an opinionated library—but I don’t mean to suggest that my way is the best way to work with the software. You have to figure out whatever works for you—I merely explain what works for me to contribute some ideas back to the community.

Unlike many commercial vendors my presets are not designed to be magic one-click solutions—I conceive of presets as a starting point for further modification. Since every preset has Autotone switched on you’ll probably want to play around with the settings in the Basic panel after applying any of these presets.

It will be helpful to understand the modular design of my presets. I have broken out some common functions like noise reduction and vignetting into their own presets to be used in batch processing. Presets from different categories can be applied independently of one another as they don’t overwrite changes made by each other. This means that at the very least you’ll probably want to apply two or three presets to each image. Read more about this in the documentation.

I have also prepared many more samples for this release so potential users have some idea of what my preset library is all about. These images aren’t polished at all, unlike what a lot of commercial preset vendors publish; they’re meant to demonstrate the raw output of some of my presets. Many of these samples might look similar but the differences should jump out at you when you begin working with them in Lightroom.

For more examples of my presets in action I encourage you to browse or my Flickr.

Please feel welcome to link to examples of these presets in action in the comments below! You are also invited to discuss these presets on Reddit and Flickr.

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  1. Thank you so much for making the presets publicly available. They are a great source of inspiration.


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