Synaptic FX Series 1


In designing the branding and artwork for Synaptic FX, the DJ name under which I perform what I call “artful house music”, I have deliberately explored an aesthetic in direct opposition to the more maximal style of DJing I am more known for. The use of black and white photography with vaguely lettering in vibrant neon represents an attempt to situate this project outside the realms of trance and techno without completely severing the connection.

I have recorded many sets under this name in and . Apart from the satellite image of Typhoon Soulik—which was raging outside while I was playing inside a club in —all of the photography is original. A few of these photos appear elsewhere on my blog: here, here, and here.

Synaptic FX – Earthfest 2013
Synaptic FX – Eye Of The Storm
Synaptic FX – Fear Of Fours
Synaptic FX – Year Of The Snake
Synaptic FX – Deep South
Synaptic FX – Round Revue
Synaptic FX – Future Architect
Synaptic FX – Slight Return

All these sets can be streamed on Mixcloud (or just click on the covers above).