Sungo Cafe 松果咖啡

Exterior shot of Sungo Cafe 松果咖啡.

Sungo Cafe 松果咖啡 is a small family-run cafe on the southeast side of , a city I have spent a fair amount of time in while living in . It is one of two cafes I frequent when I am in town—the other being Vicino coffee 右舍咖啡, a more upscale, designer cafe.

Since it is a family-run cafe the vibe is very down-to-earth, slow-paced, and cozy, not unlike hanging out in someone’s living room. The service is naturally warm and friendly, which should come as no surprise. Occasionally there are kids hanging around, especially after school hours and on weekends, and it may get a little noisy, though I never mind.

Sungo’s macchiato.

The coffee at Sungo is actually quite good. Not only do they periodically offer local Taiwanese coffee (grown in Alishan) but they also have some espresso-based drinks like the macchiato that aren’t common to find in Taiwan. They also make their own tiramisu, which is honestly one of the best I have tried. It is so fresh and you can really taste the alcohol—unlike all the store-bought, factory-made stuff I am familiar with back home.

The delicious tiramisu at Sungo.

Outlets and seating are plentiful and no one minds if you hang out all day. They have wireless as well, of course—this is Taiwan. All in all, Sungo is a great place to stop by and get some work done anytime you’re in .


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