Ruminating On Cyclical Time

A rural cemetery just west of Changhua City.

New year’s eve, 2013: I take my bicycle out for a spin in the cool winter air. There is no rain for a change and I make the most of it, jaunting up from to the edge of and the beginning of the graveyard ride through the Taipei Necropolis. Later on I ride out to catch the fireworks at Taipei 101 before calling it an early night. The next day I rise bright and early to take the high-speed train to for a friend’s wedding banquet.

New year’s eve, 2014: I take my bicycle out for a spin through the countryside with no particular destination in mind. I find myself in a cemetery, pictured above. Tonight I will go to , maybe see some fireworks, and call it an early night. Tomorrow I will rise bright and early and take the high-speed train to to meet some friends of mine from .

The similarities in these two occasions are striking but not entirely subject to the whims of chance. I have chosen to be here in , after all. Next year I think I’ll choose something else though. It would be nice to feel closer to people again. If not I had better find a cemetery wherever I am—this is the beginning of a tradition on the last of days.


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