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Beigang 北港

Běigǎng 北港 is a historic town in south-central Yúnlín 雲林. It is mainly known for Chaotian Temple, one of the most important Mazu temples in all Taiwan 台灣.

Postcards From Beigang 北港明信片

Beigang tourist bridge 北港觀光大橋
Entering town from the south by way of Beigang Tourist Bridge 北港觀光大橋.

Beigang is a historic town on the riverside border between Yúnlín 雲林 and Chiayi 嘉義 in southern Taiwan 台灣. I made a brief, unplanned stopover in Beigang while riding north to Changhua 彰化 in the summer of 2014. I was only vaguely aware of Beigang’s existence, having at some point read something about Cháotiān Temple 朝天宫, one of Taiwan’s most famous Mazu 媽祖 temples, but I had a hunch that there might be more to see—and I was right! If you enjoy visiting traditional towns with a lot of history then Beigang should definitely be on your list.