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An experiential journal of synchronicity and connection

Xīndiàn 新店 is an extension of Taipei that sprawls south into the mountains. It is accessible via the green line on the MRT. Main attractions include Bìtán 碧潭, Yínhé 銀河, and the Jingmei Human Rights Memorial.

Apr 2016

Jiangling New Village 江陵新村

Mar 2015
Comments 3

Xindian Old House 新店老屋

Feb 2015
Comments 4

Scenes From Everyday Life in Wenshan District

May 2014

Paddle Boats on Xindian River

May 2014

A Peculiar Statue in Rural Xindian

May 2014
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Yinhe Cave 銀河洞

Apr 2014
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An Abandoned Home on Yinhe Road 銀河路老屋

Apr 2014

Haunted Negatives

Apr 2014
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Yongye Road Hotel 永業路旅館

Mar 2014

Gupu Cafe 古樸咖啡

Nov 2013

The Urban Explorer at Work